Buying A Home In Broward County

Your Home Purchase Experience When Your Choose Joanna

1) Consult with “Trusted” Mortgage Lender
Getting pre-approved and understanding what type of loan you will be using is certainly an essential first step! Just as important is deciding your “all-in” monthly budget (mortgage payment, taxes, insurance, and HOA fees) and obtaining a good faith estimate that will summarize required monies for closing costs. This budget decision is a critical step and ensures when we go home shopping we are strategically aligned with your personal budget in mind. If you so choose, Joanna will assist you with finding a reputable mortgage lender that will partner with you during this BIG purchase. She highly recommends getting a second opinion in order to compare using actual estimates provided in writing. (It’s not just about the interest rate!)

2) Select a Buyer’s Realtor you TRUST
Keep in mind that the seller’s realtor is working for the seller and it’s in your best interest to have your own Realtor representation. Joanna will listen to your goals and collaborate with you to ensure the entire experience is moving in the most efficient manner at all times. Her process is systematic, clear and most of all successful! By design, she personally works with each family to educate and advocate from beginning to end. Give her 10% trust and she will earn the other 90%!

3) Strategic Home Search Experience
Joanna prides herself by taking time on the front-end to gather critical details on each home before running to go see properties that need new roofs, major work with no hurricane storm protection, etc.! Every home has a history and Joanna’s goal is to provide “the story” in a direct and honest approach. She is not here to “sell you” a home but to provide key facts, even if they are not what you want to hear.

Critical details include finding out the age of the roof, AC, and hot water heater. Since we are here in South Florida, she will find out about the type of hurricane protection that is in place. Other relevant key information like time on the market, price changes, recently sold homes, why the seller is moving, other offers… the list goes on.

4) Design and Negotiate Solid Offer Package
Joanna will coordinate and submit a strong offer package that includes a pre-approval letter, required addendums, substantial escrow deposits, short inspection period, quick turn-around-times, and a big red bow! Her communication approach is stellar and she has a serious knack for partnering with the seller’s agent to negotiate in a very confident and strong manner, usually winning the multiple offer battle!

5) Getting Acceptance of Offer
Once your offer is accepted, the contract is referred to as “executed” and the clock starts ticking. Joanna will monitor all contract milestones and keep you posted as to what comes next. She remains intimately involved and keeps a tickler to ensure that ALL parties are moving forward in good faith to get to the closing table in an efficient and professional manner. As you know, there are lots of hands in the pot including sellers, mortgage lender, title company, and HOA just to name a few!

6) Monitor Contract Milestones
Joanna will work with you to provide reputable, licensed inspection companies. She will attend the inspection to answer any questions or concerns that arise. She will provide you all the required HOA/CONDO paperwork in order to initiate the application process. After the lender has completed the bank appraisal, she is there to answer any questions regarding the appraisal report. She is your resource and works tirelessly as your advocate until you get the keys to your new home!

7) Prepare for Closing
3 days prior to closing day, the buyer will receive the final “Closing Disclosure” paperwork from the title company. The buyer should coordinate the day and time for closing, as well as complete a banking wire into the title company’s account for closing monies.

8) Closing Day
Joanna will coordinate a final walk-through of your new home, usually 1 hour prior to the closing time to ensure the home is ready for move-in. You will arrive at the title company with your driver’s license and be ready to SIGN A LOT! Once the title company confirms your monies are wired to the seller or what they call “funded,” you will receive your HOME Keys! Welcome home!

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